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Allowed and prohibited products

Products that during the diet can not be eaten:

Fried meat, sausage, ham, sausages.

Products that contain flavoring agents, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other chemicals.

Butter, margarine, spread.


Any pastries and pastries.

Pickles, pickles, products that have passed the process of smoking.

Protein products

Protein foods that can be eaten during the diet:

Dietary meats. Such meat is the best source of protein. Professional bodybuilders every day eat two servings of meat of at least 150 g.

Chicken and turkey fillets are able to replace beef and mutton, as they contain a very small percentage of fat.

Milk. Milk fat is well absorbed by the body and is not stored “in reserve”.

Sour-milk drinks.

Eggs Athletes seeking to build muscle mass, eat at least 10 eggs daily. They refuse a yolk.

Cottage cheese, which is a source of protein and beneficial trace elements.

Fatty fish such as salmon. These products are sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Roasted and raw sunflower seeds.


Fresh and canned tuna.


Carbohydrate foods

Foods – sources of carbohydrates that are allowed to be eaten during the diet:

  • Brown rice.
  • Fruits, except grapes, bananas and pears.
  • Garlic.
  • Vegetables, including potatoes.
  • Cereals.
  • Bread.
  • Greenery.

Pasta made from flour obtained from durum wheat.


Products – fat sources:

  • Nuts: almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts and Brazil nuts.
  • Fatty fish varieties.
  • Apple candy.

Types of diets for mass set

Depending on what kind of products people prefer, there will be different diets for weight gain. There are three types of them: protein, carbohydrate and protein-carbohydrate. Also here can be attributed energy diet and vegetarian.

Strict protein diet

Strict protein diet adhere to professional athletes before the upcoming competitions. It is aimed not only at gaining weight, but also at burning fat.

Such a diet involves a complete rejection of fatty foods and carbohydrates, but with the use of foods rich in protein. If a person’s priority is not drying, namely mass gain, then such a diet will not work for him.

Protein-carbohydrate diet

Protein-carbohydrate diet is suitable for building muscle better than others. The menu is composed in such a way that the body draws the energy it needs from carbohydrate foods and fat reserves, and the building material for muscles takes from protein foods. Such diets do not imply strict prohibitions, they are suitable for everyone without exception.

Carbohydrate alternation diet

This version of the diet every day is gaining increasing momentum in popularity among people involved in sports.

It assumes compliance with 4 cycles:

  • Menus 1 and 2 days low carb. The amount of protein is 3-4 g / kg, carbohydrates, 1-1.5 g / kg.
  • Menu 3 days: carbohydrates – 5-6 g / kg of weight, proteins – 1-1.5 g / kg of weight.
  • Menu 4 days: proteins 2-2.5 g / kg, carbohydrates – 2-3 g / kg.

In the first days of the diet, the body spends reserves of glycogen and fat deposits. Muscles do not burn, as a sufficient amount of protein comes from food. When the second day comes to an end, the body begins to experience stress, as it receives a very limited amount of carbohydrates, so it starts to spend body fat more slowly, slowing down the metabolic processes.

To re-accelerate the metabolism, during the third day a person eats a sufficient amount of carbohydrate food. This is misleading, and it continues to consume fats, accumulating glycogen.

The purpose of the last day is to replenish glycogen stores and prepare the body for a new diet cycle.

Vegetarian Diet

Eating plant foods allows you to build muscle mass no worse than the use of animal products. More protein-rich foods (nuts, cereals, legumes, seeds) are introduced in the menu. Diet supplement brewer’s yeast, vitamin-mineral complexes. You need to eat often, but in small portions. For cooking should use the maximum variety of products. So that the muscles do not burn, and gain weight, you should eat food at least 8 times a day. In this case, 4 approaches to the table are the main ones, and 4 more approaches will be additional.

Energy diet

Energy-diet (Energydiet) from the company NL International – is a popular power supply among athletes. The company is engaged in production not only for a set of muscle mass, but also for weight loss.

Energydiet products are food supplements that need to be consumed in a specific pattern. It is made depending on the purpose that the person pursues. It should be noted that the course Energydiet requires very impressive financial investments. As for the effect, it can be achieved with the help of ordinary food, but with a well-designed menu.